Training, training…and more training!

the animalAdmit it – you love training!  I love training!  We all scream for…what, that’s not right.  At any rate, I’ve been doing allot of training right now – taking allot of classes and reading up on the latest trends for IT and gaining some traction on new projects.  So, I apologize for the lack of content here.  Frankly, I’m thinking that shooting for one post per week would be awesome, but miraculous at this point (which, again I do apologize about).

So what new projects, tasks, software, process, etc, etc, etc, am I working on?  Well, it’s a mixed bag of things!  But here is a fairly decent summary:

  • Hadoop – If you haven’t heard of this….I’m not sure what to say but Google it along with big data.
  • Vagrant – Development environments on the fly – it’s a neat concept and I’m checking into it.
  • Chef/Puppet/(insert automation tool here) – these are hot, Hot, HOT right now!!!  If you are a sysadmin and you are NOT using one or both or at least learning about these tools…you are in danger of becoming obsolete!!!!
  • Virtualization – Focusing on certification goals more then anything, I’m looking into Vmware, KVM and OpenStack for right now.
  • Security – Uhm….yeah.  Anything that has to do with Cryptology, SIEM, HIDS/IDS/IPS, etc….you get the picture – and for very obvious reasons (if recent news articles aren’t enough…)

All of these tools fall under two huge primary groupings – cloud and virtualization(even though that’s a bullet up there, it’s also a primary grouping and driver).  I say this because that is the latest trend technology that has got everyone talking.  Amazon, RackSpace, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, RightScale, whatever the end goal is, it seems evident to me that the cost savings, the offsetting of responsibilities compared to old brick and mortar data centers, among other reasons, are too compelling not to be knowledgeable of these services.

So…I’m training on them.  It’s amazing to me how you can be so completely soaked in technology and still feel like a newbie when you start learning about new things like Hadoop (Hadoop will really, really make you feel like you’ve been in the dark ages when you start learning about it – also, you will definitely have at least one, “wow…where has this been” moment).  So, for right now I will continue my training march!  I’m using allot of free resources and books which I plan to compile into a list and post here.  

If you have any suggestions for resources, new technologies to look at, or just want to comment, drop a line!

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