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Interesting title, yes?  yes, I agree

So, in reviewing some of my drafts, I was starting to write an article about teamwork… an article which I have recently decided to, continue to hold on to but probably not publish for awhile.  Frankly, the article gives a little too much into some issues I was experiencing on a team and I don’t feel the article paints team work in a fair light.  Some day, maybe, I’ll publish it…who knows.

In light of that article, I will share a few things that I think are worth saying from that article, something I believe that allot of us on teams run into that are underlying given truths that we have to accept and deal with.

Let me start off with this:  I’ve never met anyone that hasn’t had a negative experience on a team.  I’ve also never met anyone that hasn’t been on a team with someone that needed to be carried.  So, before jumping on me about this revised article, keep that in mind along with the fact that these are just opinions and observations, period.

  • Teams can be a help just as much as a hindrance
  • You will end up carrying someone….and most likely they will end up carrying you (so keep that in mind when you start complaining about carrying someone)
  • Teams are there to ensure YOU don’t have to be the one man/woman army
  • Your ego gets in the way as much as theirs does…period.  The fact that you don’t buy that….well, kinda proves it
  • Your mouth and opinions, when left unchecked, can get you into a bind; remember your brain to mouth filter
And that’s pretty much it.  That pretty much, without all of the negative undertones serves as the entire venting, ranting message I had about team work.  Bottom line, team work, when used properly and with a team that has a good mesh, works well.  I have no real point to the article but I did want to get some of it out there without being too negative.

Do you have some input?  Got some team experience advice and/or experience you want to share anonymously?  Drop me a line, I’m always interested!

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