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Java is a product in desperate need of stability and identity, IMHO. It’s a wonderful product, don’t get me wrong….I just don’t know too many IT people that get excited when talking about Java….or who bring it up without cursing it’s name in light of a problem that they are experiencing in direct relation to Java.  I’m not saying every problem…..but you get the idea.

Arnold saying what we're all thinking

Preach it Arnold, preach it!

Java, for those of you fresh in IT, just born (welcome, I say!) or if you have been hiding under a rock, is a platform independent language.  Java gives us javascript (those neat web apps we see), it gives us applications (remote control software on remote control cards LOVE Java) and it gives Oracle heartburn (google for a little more information; I won’t be getting into that mess…).  “Java works everywhere” is a statement comparable to “Air is everywhere” and therein lies the problem.  Or rather, maybe just a issue of time; see the world has had time to adapt to air in it’s various forms and while java, like air, is everywhere, that doesn’t imply that it works well everywhere…..

Case in point; next time you are board, do a quick google search for java sucks.  Ignore the hating (because haters will hate as they say) and really dig into the mailing lists, trouble shooting boards, etc…you will find no shortage of issues.  It’s disappointing when you think about it.  I mean, given the size of Java (in terms of usage and installation), it’s hard to not see why there are so many inherit issues (memory management, broken versions of the JRE, etc…) and on the flip side, you have to wonder that with so many problems, why would anyone still use java??

Einstein has a point....

And how about learning Java to help improve it and maybe fix some of those issues that are plaguing you?  Well……sure, I could go and learn to be a Java Zen Master…………..

But I think the picture to the right really sums up that route quite well……….Not saying I suppose Ruby/Rails, just saying that if it takes that many books to learn something, I might not have the required time and dedication…

So, what can we do to help Java along?  I’m not sure; this is a rant folks, not a real problem solving post but a rant.  My gut tells me that Java needs a more reasonable standardizing solution and control method.  I.E. I shouldn’t have to run multiple versions of the JRE in order to access different remote control cards (yes, that’s the problem that triggered this rant….not completely, it’s been brewing, just the straw that broke the camel’s back if you will) or run different java based apps.  And for the sake of my sanity, please…PLEASE cleanup the damn dumps for Java; they ALWAYS look like crap!  I just need to know the line number and the offender class/function, not all of that other “fatal exception” crap.  Finally, if you want some help from the community maintaining the free Java based products and/or working on them, I’m sure there are plenty that would be willing to…..but come on folks, let’s make it a little easier!  I can buy one or two books for Python, Perl, Ruby/Rails, etc….and figure it out fairly easily; shouldn’t Java be the same?  Since it’s independent of the platform and I’m coding to the JRE, shouldn’t it be direct?  Again, I am sure I am oversimplifying this issue but still, I refer to the picture up above and ask you, doesn’t that seem a little excessive?

At any rate, this rant has come to an end.  I just wanted to vent a little about Java and see what other thought.  Am I wrong?  Am I right?  Do I have a third head?  Let me know!

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