I’ve been published – I’m just as surprised as you are!

Okay, so those of you that know me are aware that I enjoy to write.  I think allot of techie people do (that’s based purely on my own observations, not what I hear in meetings talking about documentation) and I am certainly no exception.

Without a doubt, I have written more then my share of tech manuals, instructions, blog entries, evil emails, secret messages only to be decrypted by using the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring (Hey, it’s only a few days past Christmas….this joke works) but I have never been published at this level!

I am excited to announce that Linux Journal published my article!

I know, right?











My article is a introduction to a couple of security tools (you might have heard of them, Nmap, Nessus and Metasploit!) and how I use them to secure my network!  It’s a descent article and definitely worth a few minutes if you can spare them!  You do need a subscription to Linux Journal to read it but it’s worth it so head over there and support a great group of people!  And while you’re there, check my article out and let me know what you think!

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