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So, once again work and personal life (I refuse to use the term “meat space”; it sounds like something my kids would come up with; if you use it, I’m sorry) have taken off and gone completely crazy leaving my poor, poor blog out in the cold. I apologize whole heartedly to the 2 people that read this site; you two deserve better.

That being said, I am trying to improve the site’s content (and keep down the spammers that attempt to get “advertising” on my site….) and I think I will be sharing some cool projects that have come up as of late.  Some of these are projects from the past, some from the present, some from the future.  Here is a sneak peak at what to expect in the next couple of weeks!

  1. Nagios/Nagiosql:  If you have ever used a monitoring tool and are tired with commcerical limitations, give Nagios a shot.  And if you have ever used Nagios and have had your eyes go cross whilst configuring more then 50 servers, try NagiosQL, the coolest way to configure Nagios ever.  I’m going to cover installation, configuration, testing, etc…. with both of these beasties.
  2. PFSense:  For all of my friends out there that think you need to buy a big, expensive monster of a firewall to get cool features (NAT-T, VPN, grainular rulesets and damn near all of the security tools available), think again.  I’ve used and continue to use PFSENSE with some of the biggest customers to get the job done.  PTP IPSEC?  Check.  Client VPN?  Check.  DMZ?  Check.  Snort?  Check.  Honeypot?  Check.  You get the picture.
  3. Snort:  I know, I know.  This is one of those horses that has been beaten with the stick, ensured dead, brought back to life, only to be beaten to death again (Note:  no horse was harmed in the writing of this entry) but I thought it worthwhile to cover it again.
  4. Forensics:  Recently I had a pretty good scenario discussion which required me to break out the toolkits which allow me to do the dark art of forensics.  I’ll cover some of my favorite tools and what they do/have done for me.

That’s all I got for now.  Stay tuned, I promise it gets better!!


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