As I sit here at 12am in the morning…………

I’ve come to realize a couple of things about IT:

  1. The new security features put in to……protect people, really only hinder those in the know.
  2. I use too few things too often that become critical at 12 in the morning….like tftpd
  3. The cisco pix is a good device…….I wish it wouldn’t break in such a manner as to earn the title POS.
  4. The cisco pix is a device in desperate search of a identity.
  5. I need a external, non-inhibited machine.  I’ll protect it, thanks.

That’s pretty much it; just a little complaining before I rebuild a POS router with only half of the tools that would make this easy.

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I'm the owner of impromptu-it, an IT engineer and enthusiast!
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